Magic back the time

The last few weeks I have been less inclined to write or have words of poetry come easily. Rather than writing truth or purport in my blogs I have been instead keeping up to date on the current worldwide crisis. So apologies to those who do read the blog. In times like these I prefer […]

Today uproar

I am deeply saddened that in today’s day and age of learning, education and understanding that countries can still think people and land as possessions. Like a toddler who will not share and say my toy. These people are no better. And it saddens me to see. Today uproar, Utter shock fleshedWhat devilish spirit possessedTo […]

The Persistence of Truth

For what do I know?And why does he do it?I can not cope with his persistenceHe err’s and Ahh’sBecause he wants to know me But the lack of trust shows he does not believe itIf to repent is divine existenceHe has already said liesIf the truth sets you free Why does he persist each time?To […]

Seasons Transitions

The burnt orange leavesTumble down from tree branchesCracking and breakingUnderfoot as children playIn the frosted daylight breeze The fog will elopeOn winds up high in the skyrain starts lashes down Clouds out to play children sitInside as the puddles grow Flowers shoot and bloombirds and wildlife are singingKids play in the maizeTime for games of […]


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Indelible Coated Line

I usually do these challenges whilst using multiple prompts. This week I did the dverse prompt in my first poem and then realised I had not used any prompt words from other bloggers. So the below is using the two FOWC prompt words not yet used. Layoff from our beachWe want to feel happinessDo not […]

The ships are sailing in

It washed up on the shoreLeaving a sheen in linesWipe up your tears I sayAs I sit back to gloatThe ships are sailing inAs I do boast with gleeFor I am the winnerAnd the salt not needed Taken from #dverse Prompt – Salt – 44 words

Heightened Grandeur Fails

His own intellectual propertyIn his own right his own copyrightPerfection in image of scholarlyCold and still life never taking flight Balloons that do not manifestSo full of hot airDead weight bursts and falls Inefficient levity stressedUnable to bareHeightened grandeur fails I needed more, years of love I wantedBoth to have feeling of equalityTo be running […]