Magic back the time

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The last few weeks I have been less inclined to write or have words of poetry come easily. Rather than writing truth or purport in my blogs I have been instead keeping up to date on the current worldwide crisis. So apologies to those who do read the blog. In times like these I prefer anger not to be portrayed in my poetry work.

In these times I feel like a mannequin or a doll held back unable to help or have impact where needed.

Runes create language but wars are still creating ruin.

At the end of February I was intending to do a ronovan writes haiku for each week. As unfortunately it is not possible to turn back time… I have caught up with the below. (Ronovan below and above Sammi’s words and will look to catch up on the Tanka Tuesday as well as FOWC words in the following days).

Move to disarray
step to conflict every day
never the answer

Crown of the people
You sow destruction and reap
Grits of defiance

If fairies real
Tinkerbell and Peter pan
Could save the people

For dragons to rise
or to simply click fingers
Magic back the time

(Combined Sammiscribbles weekend challenge – 64 words purport, 85 words mannequin and 96 words rune into 3 paragraphs adding up to the word count with intended word in the additional word count paragraph).

Ronovan Writes –
Move & Step
Grit & Crown
Bell & Pan
Dragon & Magic


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