Today uproar

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I am deeply saddened that in today’s day and age of learning, education and understanding that countries can still think people and land as possessions. Like a toddler who will not share and say my toy. These people are no better. And it saddens me to see.

Today uproar, Utter shock fleshed
What devilish spirit possessed
To invade Ukraine and say war
Sanctions made from those in the west
No idea what is in store
Utter shock fleshed, today uproar

He’s too lethal, follows no rules
Does not see you human but mules
This war of time medieval
Tolerated his lies, the fools
People who do this are evil
Follows no rules, He’s to lethal

Dverse prompt today and a difficult style so worth the challenge. Unfortunately no joyous inspiration today or attempt on the iambic tetrameter, and I will not be looking to make sad situations seem lighter than they are.

The Sparrowlet is an invented stanzaic form created by Kathrine Sparrow that she calls a variation of the Swap Quatrain. The defining feature is the inversion of the 2 hemistichs of L1 in L6 of each stanza. The elements of the Sparrowlet are:

stanzaic, written in any number of sixains.  (A stanza of 6 lines).

syllabic, lines of 8 syllables each. (Often written in iambic tetrameter.)

rhymed, rhyme scheme BbabaA.

L1 and L6 of each stanza is written in 2 hemistichs. (Hemistich means a half a line of a verse).

The 2 halves of L1 are inverted and repeated as a refrain in L6. The last line MUST be the EXACT SAME as line 1, just switched around. You cannot change any of the words. (Punctuation may be changed to accommodate the meaning).

The pattern of the 6 line stanza: RRR A, RRR B xxxxxxx b xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx b xxxxxxx a RRRB, RRR A (I made the A in bold, and the B in italics so you can see the pattern-Grace)

15 responses to “Today uproar”

  1. Yes, it is a sad day. You captured the mood well.

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  2. Glenn A. Buttkus avatar
    Glenn A. Buttkus

    Wow, so many war poems, and they are all strong and stirring. Kudos to we poets who jump midst the chaos with our silver tongues.

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  3. Oh such good, good, good poetry, stunning. so therapeutic to read….and important too.

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  4. He is a tyrant for sure. Today we are all shocked and saddened by this war. Thanks for joining in.

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  5. So many of us with the same sad thoughts today. Well done!

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  6. 😡😞Just a terrible day.

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  7. Right on point, left me feeling so so sad and that’s appropriate. Thank you for this lament, Eli

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  8. Great poem! All of these poems about Ukraine should be put into an anthology!

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    1. Does not sound a bad idea… poets will probably be up for it if proceeds went to those people and family stricken by war (too many profit from war time and not the individuals who are living it) 😔 and especially if it is made as a world wide poets opinion of how aghast the world is by war in our current times

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      1. What a great idea! I wonder how to find out about it…

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  9. Despite the horror of the content, you put this form together well.

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  10. It is hard to think about much else these days.

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  11. […] that all of these poems should be put into an anthology and the other blogger, Eli Britain ( had the idea that they should be put into an anthology and sold so that proceeds could go to those […]


  12. We are all feeling this heaviness. Evil indeed. (K)

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  13. We were very much on the same line of thoughts… I cannot get over this… it still consumes me.

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