Indelible Coated Line

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I usually do these challenges whilst using multiple prompts. This week I did the dverse prompt in my first poem and then realised I had not used any prompt words from other bloggers. So the below is using the two FOWC prompt words not yet used.

Layoff from our beach
We want to feel happiness
Do not need you here
Indelible coated line
Cannot wash away anew

The waves are spraying
You into the atmosphere
Not wanting to doubt
Or have you swelling inside
Please do leave us by ourselves

Fowc – Indelible – 21/02/2022
Fowc – Layoff – 20/02/2022

Dverse – poetry prompt – Salt (44 words)

3 responses to “Indelible Coated Line”

  1. Sometimes to be left alone is all we really need!

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    1. Very true… or even to get our thoughts and emotions in perspective… so wanted the poem to reflect the chasing away of salty conditions or sadness šŸ˜Š

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  2. I came Eli, I read, great work my friend ā€” but I am not well. Be back soon.

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