Heightened Grandeur Fails

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His own intellectual property
In his own right his own copyright
Perfection in image of scholarly
Cold and still life never taking flight

Balloons that do not manifest
So full of hot air
Dead weight bursts and falls

Inefficient levity stressed
Unable to bare
Heightened grandeur fails

I needed more, years of love I wanted
Both to have feeling of equality
To be running in synchronicity
Most of all feel compatibility

The buoyancy of a balloon flaunted
I want to rise up infrivolity
Along our paths with electricity
Someone I float with for infinity

Heading for our one direction
To feel a lovers affection
Not with thee

Dverse challenge – write a poem in any form on topic of lost love, “After valentine left the building”


FOWC – Copyright 18/02/2022
FOWC – Image 19/02/2022



Am running late on the prompts this week so this was set for Wednesday – Ragtag Daily Prompt- RDP challenge- Balloon


One response to “Heightened Grandeur Fails”

  1. Good poem! Lost love, everyone at some time or another can relate!

    Liked by 1 person

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