“A Moon wrapped in brown paper”

“How was your valentine’s day?”, his friend enquired…

It is a moon wrapped in brown paper, he thought as he reminisced on the night before.

There had been a fight, early in the night, between himself and his girl. A huge fight, of secrets and lies. By midnight valentines morning they thought it was over. However, he was still racked full of guilt. For he still had a secret, left to reveal. In all the years he had been lying.

She had always claimed she had never wanted her own child. A misinterpretation because she did not want to go into labour. He had hid the secret… the child that he cherished. Afraid he would lose her or she would not have wanted. They tore off the wrapper that night. The brown paper, which was born to hide removed and he let the light of the moon shine true. The truth about his child.

” It was the best valentines ever, as I gave the best gift I had”, he replied.

From poetry prose prompt – dverse “It is a moon wrapped in brown paper” 144 words – not including the dialogue at 147 words.


2 responses to ““A Moon wrapped in brown paper””

  1. Maybe it’s time to look for the child together.

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 sounds like some fun in the making then


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