Valentines – Amo te meu amor

So valentines day for me is really hit and miss. Usually I am not with a guy… well not serious anyways! The last few years this has changed and I been with my Portuguese boyfriend. This year he asks straight after a big fight what do I want for valentines day?

He starts with a list chocolates, roses etc which he can see I am not keen. Chocolates to me is like an apology the same with flowers. So I reply a poem. Now his English is not perfect he points out this will be hard for him. But Portuguese I find such a beautiful language. So I ask for one in Portuguese or French which he also speaks.

I come back home from work today and there is the poem for me. It starts out subtle on how we first met and ends in the reasons and words this is why I love you.

To my utter shock he has also tried to write this in English. Minor mistakes ‘is’ instead of ‘his’… but for me they make it perfect. He also had written the Portuguese version.

I dont believe in valentines day but it is a day you can do something out of the normal. So instead of saying you love them today say it in another language. Which ever language works for you.

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