#TankaTuesday – Abhanga – Opinion

So… I bought Colleen’s book who sets these Tanka challenges, and I am only about chapter 3 (trying to learn a little each week  – I really am winging it) whilst she says other forms of poems can be harder for her in my comparison the American and Japanese forms are entirely not what I am used to.

This week’s challenge is an Indian poetry form; Abhanga. Syllable 6-6-6-4 style rhyming on the second and third – ABBC. Whilst trying to apply this symbolic poetry for the Tanka’s it appears a new version once more. So I can only apologise for any errors.

A Maven by nature
Reticent by action
They strive for perfection
O’ they do try

Inhibited by culture
Artistic reflection
Devoid of affection
Perhaps untrue

Mind will make and conjure
Factual or fiction
Added a conviction
Irate maybe

Musings within the mind
Ponder ones perception
Scared of the rejection
Nothing amiss

Plod rapidly along
Prone toward objection
Contemplate direction
Interests taunt

Reader beware, maybe
Full of loose discription
Or point to please

A judgement, a statement
Maybe a deception
Reason’s for affliction
Now they live on

#TankaTuesday – Abhanga


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3 responses to “#TankaTuesday – Abhanga – Opinion”

  1. Eli, your Abhanga poetry is spot on! Thank you for purchasing my book. I’m honored. This challenge is a safe place to practice those syllabic forms. You’re always welcome! ❤

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    1. Thank you 😊 I never can be sure with these, think the description and showing not telling in the low amount of syllables is not entirely there at times (or using connectives a lot)… but will try and learn the style more each time and loving learning it from your book ❤

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      1. Thank you! These syllabic forms are like word puzzles. I’m glad you’re having fun.

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