Queen Camilla

Now the Queen on her jubilee makes a statement that she hopes the public will accept Camilla in the Queen role.

For me, this is still an aspect of resignation. Not through contempt of both Prince Charles and Camilla but due to the circumstances this upholds.

The Royal family I think forget to portray their humanity. For mistakes are theirs and their own to make. Whilst Harry and the Queen have both portrayed their belief in the woman, Camilla herself does not seem to be the problem.

The problem I find is with Prince Charles. A people pleaser marrying someone for whom the family said he should. Doing his duty and not marrying the woman he loved. Causing untold tension and embarking on a story to unfold in the public domain. The problem I find is he is aloof. Whilst in the spotlight helping nature, farmers and the like, he is not personal with the nation. As Queen Victoria said the mistakes were hers to make.

So whilst he wants the throne do I still believe it should go to the younger generation? He may become a King who does great things, but he does not show his heart to the nation. Can he not just be more public..  say he is only human… that he tried to please and it was his error to do so? That he does not regret his past but the woman he is with now is his future!

Is this not a sign of a leader! One who will step up and take control.

This leads to Katherine and Megan, or the brother’s rift. Hiding what happened to explode on media in recent times. Whilst I do believe Kate was asked to learn to live before finding out the role was a job in itself. In comparison, Meghan had lived, ascertained expectations and then tried to assert those in those pressing times. For the monarchy is not what they do for themselves but what they do for the nation. I believe she went into the position with false expectations. For it is easier I think for young people to strive to achieve without expectations than someone who has already achieved a great deal to have to embark on it in a new way.

Now on reflection with the scenario of race, this should have been talked about in the family setting, not to divide and cause a rift… but to show the nation acceptance. Instead, this has conjured up segregation and separation.

Whilst they have removed themselves from the Royal roles, the public would have supported, especially for the children’s sake of their expense for their protection. For being born unto the role was not at their making. So I find this in bad taste for it not to have been imposed. But should this have been flaunted in the way it was in the media? And should they have not tried to portray a united front of one monarchy not divided?

Should you not show first compassion and acceptance to try and change the worlds views in the same way. From a writer, perspective stop telling and start showing. The mistakes of the past should be lessons for the future. And I do hope they can become One family, a united front to the nation (even if some family problems do endeavour to come into the forefront of their lives). Leaders who lead by example too set the perspectives of the generations.

Whilst the Queen has been a mother figure to the nation, and I do feel she should not abdicate, I do think it is time Prince Charles stepped up to show he can be a leader and both a father figure to his own family and the nation. Perhaps by starting to build bridges and re-writing the wrongs of the past. Maybe making the nation accept him in the process before he steps into the role.

If Prince Charles wishes to please and do as past mistakes have shown then I feel he should step down from the role. Whereas if he wants to have an opinion and set the future of generations to come I feel he should step into the spotlight and show. And this should not be to please the generations but to set an example. So he should not be concerned about the mistakes to come, for they should be his own to make.

Whilst Camilla has not pushed to be in the spotlight, highlighting a certain level of decorum and winning the hearts of the nation with her compassion… Prince Charles I believe has not stood in the spotlight enough and should take more of a leading role. The Queen had the heart of the nation taking up the role at a young age, people felt enlightened to support her as she grew within the role. Prince Charles needs to win the heart of the nation, this may not be always practical or economical (which he has a tendency to show) but to become that father figure… and that can only start by portraying that at home.

5 responses to “Queen Camilla”

  1. Prince Charles was born the same year as be, and although he has issues, deep down I know it’s his place to be King, and that should be respected imho.

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    1. Yes agree, I just do not think he has the people’s heart behind him… not necessarily a bad thing (easier for him if he has the peoples will though) I just feel Camilla does not need the acceptance, more that he should be more prominent


  2. charles, camilla and the entire family get paid a massive fortune for so little … I for one would not like their jobs. But for what they all did to Di and Fergie I find unforgivable … ditch royalty and use those funds to mend the health system I say!


    1. I agree in the past actions but he really should not have tried to please – it might have been expected generations ago but they need to learn to move with the times and then those situations would not have come about – the health system i find completely separate and a part of the government benefit problem, go abroad and no insurance they will ask if you are from UK first as they know they can charge all expenses back at high rates no fuss… with EU situation the benefits were included even if they were not offered in like by the other countries. A major flaw that unfortunately looks to have been taken advantage for too long.


      1. charlie was not trying ‘to please’ it was a cold calculated move … the entire family is orchestrated, nobody makes a decision on their pat malone!

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