The Angel Numbers

Some may just see coincidence with numbers but the number 2 or 22 occurrence can appear often. From a personal perspective and parents birthdays both being 02 and 22 and siblings also being on the 22nd of a month, to the time of birth being 20:22. So for me the number 2 signifies family. For those who see potential in numbers today can signify either luck or disaster.

This month is the last of a sequence of events this century, at 2/2/22, 20/2/2022 and 22/2/22

The astrological symbol of harmony, balance, love, communication and relationships.

This sequence originated two decades ago will end on the 22nd of this month. The last three 222 sequence of the century.

So today at 02:02 or 22:22 on the 2/2/22 do something which brings love and joy to your life or even compassion

On the 20/2/22 – or American format 2/20/22 – this is also the return of pluto (the Lord of destruction, transformation and power) – so on this day at 02:20 or 20:02 transform something in your life to find that equilibrium. An opportunity to also let go of those things which may cause unbalance. Do not forget the zero in numerology as this can signify infinite potential.

For the last day 22/02/2022 or American format 02/22/2022 – this will be the last sequence of events until 2/2/2222 – so at 02:22 or 22:02 reminisce on what has brought harmony, balance and love. Bring perspective to your innerworld and align with your outerworld.

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