For Pete’s Sake

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So this is going to be a challenge for myself this month. For the month of love, when not on the 14th Feb, I will be looking at love of ones family. In doing so reflecting back on times of going to see my Grandparents after school each day at a young age. My Gran teaching me to bake, knit, sew or poetry compared to sitting with my Grandad learning chess and drawing or sometimes he would reminisce on his old war stories…

For when looking back at some of my most favourable times of being a youth, one thing will always stick out in my mind – I will always remember my Gran saying set words or phrases:

I do not always remember to follow all her mantra’s, even if other sayings have stood with me (I should not for example say the S word, I can say Sugar. I should not say the F word i will blame it on Pete… For Pete’s Sake. There are times I do now swear, a bad trait I picked up from those growing up around me within more modern times. In those most pressing of moments I will always find myself unable to conjur up those swear words. As my peers look at me strangely.

Some around me may find this still amusing when in those turbulent times I come out with old fashioned sayings that may be little used… but I am unable to forget this especially in those moments.

So this month I will try and learn another positive method she has imparted.

There is no such words as, shan’t, can’t or won’t

– I shall, I can and I will – this month this will be my ethos and hopefully by applying this in all my daily routine, I will learn to use this mentality more often.

The wisdom they impart to us particularly at a young age is generations of decorum, words or phrases. There is always a reason to use these out-dated words or sayings. For I fear some of these maybe lost from speech in the future and only seen within the pages of old text books.

2 responses to “For Pete’s Sake”

  1. You are so blessed with such wonderful grandparents! So much love and such great advice…

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  2. Thank you, I agree very blessed (they have the occasional moments particularly when winding each other up), but yes even then would say done in love 😊


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