January – Haiku, Senryu or Tanka

So far ideas have sprung to mind to quickly on words provided in these poetry challenges, so I have broken some of the rules which now should be corrected in each post… before I had used them out of context, used words as a style, just used the words provided and not put into the poetry form of the tanka or haiku… I have not restricted myself to others’ word limits or syllable limits. (The challenge will be the first version and the second version will be the no rules version or I will be looking at British and European poetry forms ongoing)

So, I thought I might make a civilised attempt for my monthly post. And to all those who love poetry I do apologise for the times I break convention. But I will not say I will not be looking to break more rules ongoing. For honestly let’s say now plenty more will be broken. For I find it better to write if the inspiration strikes. So I will thank you for your inspiring words which you present as challenges each week.

I have done 4 different challenges by #Ronovan Writes, for practice purposes. I will do this monthly for variation. So there will always be a Haiku, a Senryu, a Tanka and one other style of American or Japanese poem.

Ronovan posts his new words on the Monday of each week.

Ronovans challenge - 
1. Bend and Heart 11/01/2022
2. Down and Line 17/01/2022
3. Glare and Mask 25/01/2022
4. Crust and Scar 31/01/2022 https://wp.me/p4y9jb-HOv

Written as a Haiku, limerick, Senryu, Tanka.

I have tried to link these in with my previous posts. Where I have mixed and matched forms rather than following the rules set.

Haiku -5-7-5 (Nature) – The Leaf’s Air of Contraire

Leaves bend sharp and swift
The winds heart tosses them high
Until they fall prone

Leaves glare back upwards
The trees a mask, branches bare
They sway in the breeze

Leaves a widdershin
Crusting over, left with scars
They rest against bark

Leaves twist tumbling down
They wither worn out, forlorn
Lines of mist cover

Senryu – 3-5-3 (Human matters) – Patients Sweet and Sour

Bend Bodies
Heal thy hurting heart
Mend our mind

Scars are sour
The pain bitter sweet,
Crust to heal

Heads lay down
Bodies in a line
Sickness breathes

I may glare
At those in a mask
Covid strikes

Tanka – 5-7-5-7-7 (Nature) A FEW SAFE WILL RISE

The Air will bend us
The Fire warms the cold heart
The Earth will tremble
The Water will howl ferocious
A FEW cower and hide

A Spark a fury
An Aquatic bed far down
A Forest in lines
An Exhale of the north breeze
SAFE the world calm: settles down

I am the Weather
I am Islands, and land crust
I the Light can scar
I am the Lakes, you can drink
WILL the Earth retaliate?

To Rise up higher
To Incline too glare beneath
To Spread through valleys
To Engulf in masks of smoke
RISE from the ashes of past

For this tanka section, I have used Anaphora (repeating the same word at the start of each tanka line, other than the last) to emphasise the last line. As well as an Acrostic form of poetry to create a name word or phrase. No rhyming.

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  1. Beautifully written ! Well shared ๐Ÿ™‚โ˜บ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. Great pieces thanks for sharing

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