A Facetious Flaw

I feel many derive from the definition of this word many negative conclusions. The term in itself is not there to be derogatory or to cause offence… and I think that is the point that is missed. For those using the word to imply someone could take offence should compare the word with sarcastic/sarcasm. For whilst facetious may look at negative subjects, be flippant and take humour within (perhaps one will find annoyance or in bad taste), a Sarcastic word in comparison is said to be more “caustic” and to cause pain.

The Challenge – Is to find something in your past that has hurt you or caused pain and find a positive from it… Something which you can find humour within and will change your perspective and perception. This can be in the form of story poetry or just a blog post. This does not have to take literal meaning for others to read into but for people’s reflection. To find the light within those dark times. Maybe even to reminisce on it positively.

Today I have seen blog posts regarding the perspectives of being facetious. I for one can say I use this method as a coping mechanism – from the poetry written on Patients sweet and sour being from a family member’s perspective of a dire situation (perhaps not with the idea the nurses are running around being sweets and lemons – this was 100% embellished with the tanka words sweet and sour). To blog posts of grandparents having hazards/ calamities(fortunately written after the events and they are all okay). So I will set a challenge…

Whilst some say write what you know or are feeling… are those who do so from experience in a facetious way being judged for offensive wording?

For those reading the posts, the idea is not to judge… but to ponder on what positives can be taken from situations. Please bear in mind that many in the world go through difficult times and how people see or think back on those times. So when making the post please emphasise the outlook of positivity. Whilst one person’s perspective or positive in a situation will not be another’s I hope the readers take kindness and no offence and if in similar situations yourselves find comfort that you perhaps are not alone in them. Or even that there is a potential for some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps even try and find a positive in the situation you may find yourselves in.

And remember a word does not always have to have a bad definition if you are finding humour in your problems and mistakes. Embrace your flaws.

In today’s society, many people will judge, persuade, dissuade, or contrive a meaning in a negative form. Many say what some find funny can offend. But so do many things people say. What I find offensive within someone’s comment another may not see the same way. We all have opinions yet judge each other on their opinions based on our own opinions. Especially in the use of social media… so for this challenge whilst the subject or reason may be negative, the outlook should be positive as well as the readers replies…

Self – reflection -> For here is the question to ask, is the person using facetious remarks the one lacking the empathy to the situation they may find themselves or others in – or is it those who judge the facetious remarks lacking empathy and judgement to those who feel the need to use it? Could you remark without understanding the full meaning or misrepresent the person’s words? For is it better to laugh or cry at a current predicament you may find yourself in? Are we so quick to judge or take offence from others?

Do we inspire unto others the need to diet to young (those inspirational blogs to eat healthier also unconsciously promoting things like anorexia), the need to exercise when it may cause injury to those who push too hard to achieve the same goal, the person’s need to bottle problems up when they need an outlet to cry, teach people to say what they do not like in others when they can already have insecurities within themselves… so use this challenge to boost each other and embrace each other’s flaws!

For if you look at Patients Sweet and Sour – was the curt nurse being curt or saving the breath of the patient from having their lungs collapse – was the mean melon doctor being mean to be kind making the patient move to get circulation around their body after coming out of an induced coma – whilst the patient may have been surly, groggy and sleepy when in that predicament were they after thankful for how much effort the nurses and doctors put into their care? For at the time you may feel negative and impose this onto others, after you may feel gratitude… have some consideration for all those times someone is having a bad day (this may be yourself or someone else) or an expert is advising us to do things against our desires. So here is my flippant remark, look at the situation from the perspectives of the other for you may find it is okay to just have a bad day.

Now whilst this whole post is likely being facetious and presumptuous (unfortunately due to wording the point and some may read it differently to others) for some may take the positive spin, and some may see it as disrespectful that I am presuming you are not already, as above it is not to cause offence but maybe see that there are ways that you may find a positive within the negative and vice versa. And potentially see something in an opposing way.

Word was taken from #jusjojan and Susan’s word of the day https://lindaghill.com/2022/01/31/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-31st-2022/

adjective: facetious

  1. Derived from the french word “facetie” to joke or the Latin words “facetia” or “facetus” – witty or to jest
  2. Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour; flippant.”     a facetious remark”
  3. Facetious may be defined as “joking or jesting often inappropriately” or “not serious.” Sarcastic, on the other hand, while still concerned with humour, tends to imply a more caustic or biting quality that is often intended to cause pain.

Facetious – ‘A flippant remark’ – disrespectful – impudent


frivolous, superficial, shallow, glib, thoughtless, carefree, irresponsible, insouciant, offhand

disrespectful, irreverent, facetious, cheeky, pert, overfamiliar, impudent, impertinent

impudent, cheeky, audacious, bold, brazen, brash, shameless, presumptuous, forward, pert

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