Three Calamities?

You ever have those days where you think it is a never ending disaster from the start?

Those times in life when things happen consecutively. Well today is one of those days. For those who say age is but a number must not have reached an age where their lives are more precarious, a hindrance of the age of their body. For this is how the day has gone.

The Grandparent’s call early in the morning, Grandad has had a fall out of bed. Banged an ear. Blood gushing everywhere my Gran tries to help. But alas passes out.

So across to their house my aunt goes and ferries my Grandad to hospital to fix his ear. A few hours later my mum gets a call. My Gran thinks her hip has broken. So over she trots to sit and wait, an ambulance is on its way.

Now from the saying things happen in three’s… Is it just for calamities?

So now I am waiting for the third disaster to strike… but hopefully this is not always right.

Please post times where Three’s have occurred for you or if you are like me and dreading the last one…

4 responses to “Three Calamities?”

  1. I’m intermittent a caregiver/adviser to elderly parents. Payback for a glorious childhood is due. 😉

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    1. 😊 fortunately have a close family all 5 minutes away from each other…. whilst in the grandparents are in their 90s they are able to function quite well and the above is the least of their problems – from onset of dementure to partial sight loss, hearing loss, stomach cancers to skin cancer etc… whilst they may have daily struggles the quality of life they are able to lead is one that should be cherished most and being grateful they are here ❤ having family assist each day hardly seems comparable to the years they spent to raise us 😊

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  2. My sister and I cared for my mother in our homes before she recently passed away. You don’t always know what the day will bring…but, lots of blessings along the way too. 🙂

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    1. That is a lovely story Linda and I am very sorry for your loss..but I bet your mum loved spending all that time around you and your family ❤ I hope if my grandparents get to stage where they are not able to live alone then they will move into either our aunts or parents 😊

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