75 word poem challenge using word widdershins from Sammi and Fandango repetitive word/content

Firstly, I got carried away and it is over the 75 word limit… but it is the first attempt on any writing I have done in a while. So whilst a fail on word control, I will take it as a pass on writing… something/anything… I do however, love the word Sammi has used for this challenge. Also I have tried to encompass fandango’s repetitive word challenge.

The Leaf’s Air of Contraire

The leaf it falls, yet is caught in a flurry to rise.

"Dance" they whisper, "around and around".

Through the forest, the ground amass of mossy glow.

My body is bare, my ears a point, caressed with such beauty and light.

To and fro, back and forth, follow the sun a setting.

"Dance" they sing, "around and around".

Their dresses long and floating, the misty wind a blow.

But why oh why are they prancing a widdershins on sight.

For is it luck or is it not the way we should be going?

"Dance" they holler, "around and around".

Faster, quicker my tormentor flows in a blur of shadow

Are they light or are they dark, is it day or is it night?

Tattered and torn, my body now sleeping

The leaf it lays down, it withers, it dies.
Pen sketch of a leaf
Written as a sonnet 8 lines (octave) 6 lines (sextet/Sestet) 

Rhyming on the Octave: - first line leads the poem (no rhyming (A is a leading prose to start or change the direction of the poem).

Rhyming verse from line 2 matching the line 5 (B of each quatrain although identical rhyming due to the entire line matching almost entirely, C rhyming with the C of the next quatrain, and D rhyming with D of the next quatrain)

Rhyming on the sextet - the same pattern is followed. But both the first and the last line are a leading or ending prose.

Now I do hope you did not get frustrated with the mystical fae descriptions for my little leaf.  I saw the challenge at about 11pm just before going to sleep. Originally I did start the poem imagining some fae in the forest, leading some humans around and around whilst going the oppositeway themselves. Then, I went to bed gone 2 am and woke up with “it is describing a leaf” on my mind. So I added the first and last verse, changed the title and made some small changes before publishing. Hence the 3am publishing time.

So if you are finding the writing style prone to errors within, I can only apologise for my sleep lacking mind.

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