Eli’s Findings on Blogging and writing


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So I am using my blog as an incentive for myself to write more. Others may use blogs for other reasons but for me it was to journal how I did each day. Set myself a target, maybe finally keep to it.

Now before starting the blog, I do not think I realised how useful it could be. Not in regards to my own blog but looking at others. From inspirational writing to techniques.

Now do not get me wrong, since starting I have not written even a paragraph or page of one of the books I will be writing. I have however bought numerous journals, a legend planner and joined a 3 week writing course for building characters in a novel.

I do not plan to start ideally until February. So there is a reason for the procrastination. Ideally then I can bullet point everything, create a plan a to do list, maybe even go with the 250 words a day minimum that others target themselves with.

But before starting the blog, I probably wouldn’t have set a daily target nor joined a course so quickly. I also wouldnt have likely looked at what other writers have said on planning and building the story into milestone order. All this taken from others blogs of ways to go about writing and planning.

I was initially going to set myself goals of doing some courses over time, but looking at one persons blog I got inspiration to trial a course on the curtis brown website. Ideally if I then find this useful, I will look at doing some longer courses with them.

So I will also plan on reading 5 blogs a day from authors and other writers to get inspiration and ideas. Maybe even find some great sites to do courses or learn more techniques.

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