When you live through dreams?

What are dreams exactly, how does the mind work and process them?

Endless questions and answers of how, why and when. And I will not be looking to answer them, merely query why some dream differently to others. For example have you ever felt like you are not truly living or are enjoying your dreams so much that it is difficult to awake from them? The dreams at night being vivid, interchangeable almost real… where you can create the story, change the story (a picture film processing house within the confines of your own head…one in 3D version walking amongst those you create).

A lot of queries to dreams are psychological answers as to why you dreamt a certain thing; associating objects, people and locations to find some meaning or interpretation to the dream you just had. Many of them saying you can be subconsciously thinking of something else, your teeth falling out for example being a worry or concern, taking a test in a dream being that you are worried about failure or a fear of failure… With Freud citing “it is an imagery of a wish or impulse from childhood that has been suppressed”. I ask myself this, whilst I sit there listening to someone say what they dreamt of last night. Their dream being based on real life tasks concerns or worries playing on their minds. All of which honestly sounds mundane.

For myself I have rarely dreamt of real life, of the people I have met in my daily routines or places I have been from as far back as I can remember. Maybe why I query this in such a way. My dreams in comparison are always vivid. They will always start where I want them to start (unfortunately with waking upon alarms they do not end where I want them to end). So I start them where I want to change how it ended or at the end of the last dream if I want to continue where it left off. With continous running stories even from the age of 8 being changed much later on in adulthood. Majority of these dreams being based on fictional characters I have created, locations or planets that do not exist, interchangeable plots, ideas and thoughts.

I have always been highly creative, artistic and one who will read almost a book a day if possible… the stories gripping me unless I spot errors or predict the plots and endings within a few minutes of either watching a film or reading a book. When repetitive concepts are used I can always understand if someone says the sequel is never as good as the original or refuse to watch a film twice.

So is this merely just those having creative minds living more in the world of fantasy than those without creative impulses/ creative dreams being more in the world of the living?

Is this developed as a subconscious wish from childhood to make the world more exciting or a creative wave of inspiration for those who should direct their work towards more creative pathways?

Do all writers envision their characters in such a way or merely think up the characters in the day time when awake; Dickens for example said how he saw his stories (the stories coming to him rather than him inventing them), and that he could speak to his characters whilst writing them… so is this creative genius where the mind processes the fiction from reality differently or a sign of a madman creating the fictional people to live alongside him? Or could this have been as Freud said a childhood suppression (maybe even loneliness and he created imaginary friends).

I dont think anyone could truthfully say they would or could fully understand how the mind works and therefore how dreams work too. Dreams just pose multiple questions for me. Do people live more through their dreams for those who wish to create or are creative? Although for fantasy, mystery and thrillers it does sound intriguing in this concept but is it the same for those who write the horror books …do they also envision it in the same way? As that sounds slightly more daunting and definately a question I believe for the likes of Stephen King.

For me it is merely a query of why some have an inherent ability to create within their minds, to see things they want to create on art, paper or other media forms, whilst others lack or do not use the ability to do so. Is this just they cannot remember those dreams upon waking, they are not saying or hiding maybe even from themselves their deepest darkest/greatest concerns and wants? Or is it they are just more content or concerned with the reality around them? Is this a biological concept of the mind or a psychological reflection of their upbringing?

Any insight from a writers dream process or scientific psychological understanding, or just your own queries on this welcome.

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