My coffee ritual

Now this post was part of the initial setup and made me laugh… for I can honestly say I am a bit of a coffee snob. Now dont get me wrong i am not a coffee connoisseur and unlike my sister who has worked as a barista, a manager and audit for some coffee chains, I will not at the time of ordering a coffee advise the temperature to have the milk added to the coffee so that my coffee does not taste burnt, nor am I one to add flavours to the coffee out of preference.

I do however like a good cup of coffee and could think of nothing worse than a cup of coffee made from granules or powder. I would much prefer a coffee from a coffee house/shop.

So the ritual – drink in moderation ideally pair with some good quality dark chocolate to eat if available and drink the good stuff not the powdered variety. Although everyone will have a personal preference for this so if expresso version isn’t to your taste I would say go for what you like. I live by one motto if you are going to have something not good for you then don’t hold back. This works the same for dieting as I am not a big fan of diets and feel it is better to make continous lifestyle choices… if you want something dont have it too regularly and have the best version to suit your taste for it.

2 responses to “My coffee ritual”

  1. Yes, and if someone in front of you asks for decaf, ask if you can have their caffeine.

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    1. Haha – of course 😊

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