Eli’s writings (Sci-fi)

Scene setting/ locations

The first major pitfall i came across was in scene setting for the sci-fi book. Whilst creating a new world I needed a focal point of the starting of the book. Now some parts of this could be replicated from memory other aspects as I began writing (many many years ago) were the directions I wished to create based on location many would know.

When writing a fantasy world I could say the person went from one place for a journey and the end place and no one would fault an error, as no place existed from which it was derived from. But with writing about a known location one key factor remained – i needed to research the location. If I said they went down a street and turned left would that in fact be a dead end?

This is where the book remains… the research partially looked into but no further… so do I just write past it and come back later to correct the inaccuracy?

The locations problem highlighted the fact of needing to draw up maps for both the known locations and the created world. For example, in the made up world if I say they went north to somewhere one day but the next day they went from another location would that still be north of where the character/s are?

Whilst being able to dream up the worlds and characters had little thought process behind it writing about it is a whole other concept. When it comes to putting on paper it is appearing more tedious and time consuming. So planning how the characters movements from locations could be interpreted by the reader needs to be a starting point for the books.

This may just be me and a bit over the top thinking but the consistency of how the character gets from A to B or A to C and back to B is one I think needs to be addressed firstly. Potentially this is because the plot, characters, story line and ideas are already there and maybe for others would usually be something looked into after. However, setting the scenes for each chapter will be the stage I will start from.

Therefore, I will look at writing bullet point notes for each chapter, the how when where and why for each one. Based on this I will then do the research for those locations, objects or information people may know.

From these maps, I can then create the worlds and routes i wish the characters to take without providing conflicting information which will be harder to find later in the book.


1. Bullet point the chapters – characters, locations, plot of the chapter and reason for the chapter and how it influences the story (what outcomes am I wanting in the chapter and how do I want the reader to feel?) How do the characters feel…

2. As I am writing this book based on the perspective of 3 characters, what order or priority will I want it read in – should I write the 3 separate and bring together at the end or showcase the 3 lives and how they intermingle towards their goal

3. Research – get the information in advance and pre-plan the writing of the book before proceeding further with writing inaccuracies.

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