Eli’s Started Writing…

So I have started writing about 3 books a few years back and seem to always find i have never the time to finish them. So I will be using the blog as an inspirational reason as well as a legend organiser/planner to finish writing these. I aim to make daily (likely weekly) updates of the problems I find myself in when writing, or even the inspirational ways I come to the ideas or techniques I look into (basically anything that I find useful). Now this name used for writing is a fictional name ( I originally had a pseudonym created upon writing the initial few chapters over 5 years ago. But upon creating this blog I checked the name again to see it did not belong to another and ironically the original name i was going to use belongs to someone who already works for a publishing house as an editor *facepalm* you really couldn’t make it up)… so I will be using this name for this blog to hopefully ensure that people do not think that it is written by potentially someone with more knowledge. As said this will be an amateur attempt at writing.

So beware the flops and disasters in upcoming content/blogs as I will be using this as a journal of sorts… perhaps even a reflection back to prevent any pitfalls if I find myself writing another one.

As per my first post on dreams, I will be doing this attempt because if i am dreaming stories and not life dreams am I wasting a potential gift that I should be sharing? I may find I am even horrendous at writing them (as an amateur attempt where techniques or writing styles need to be learnt/re-learnt). So even if it is just for my benefit on it or to amuse/challenge myself I am going to give it a go. As I feel it is better to try and fail than to have not tried to complete them.

I will be looking at 2 books to start (optimistic – but I find when I have a block on one dream world I usually can go to the other), and so yes you probably surmised already it will be fictional fantasy/ sci-fi fantasy genres I will be attempting. Although with some darker traits to them (For the build up I may look at what works for writing styles from other authors great with suspense such as Stephen King. Albeit I will not be going down the horror route, so if I mention another authors work in a different genre, I will be reflecting on their style of work and how I can incorporate a style of writing into the books to create emotion or tension) I will also be looking at fuller length books as find the YA group quite fast paced and not long in length so their authors can allow for sequels. This may mean the process may be longer as well as finding a few hours a day to write.

I wont be posting much on the books or their content but more the process I come across, insights, techniques or likely quite a few failures. I may also find that it becomes mundane or a bore to myself or readers if posting too often so it may not be a regular/frequent thing.

The first book will be one where I would look to do as a set of books the other one I am undecided so maybe a stand alone book.

Writing, Ideas, Process, Concept

About the books:

I am not going to post titles as I have not looked since I created many years ago. In the event others have used since then I will need to update the titles. Plot of the books is already there as well as main characters and sub characters although not all fully written down and when in the process of writing a new character could be formed (Structure of how the story will play out is not planned yet so what I consider the first chapters now may become later chapters when finishing).

Book one (series book)Fantasy :  Synapsis This will be based on a concept of Demons and Gods (based loosely on the Greek mythology) It will be in current timelines and not a historical reflection or accurate portrayal of the original Greek mythology

Potential insert into the book “She saw him stood there at the top of the stairs; stoic, silent and shrouded in shadows”.

Book 2 (stand alone book) Sci-Fi/fantasy: Synapsis – This will be originally based on 3 siblings, and interplanetary disputes

Book 3 (Stand alone): (Historical fantasy fiction) This will be a historical fiction story on love, betrayal and magic

Hopefully my organisational skills will improve this year and I can provide some insight either to myself or others on creating a book… if not hopefully maybe just a few laughs at the misguided attempts.

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