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I am not going to be able to keep up with a daily poem and start writing two novels. So I will be looking to combine “SammiScribbles weekend word challenge” with a few of “Fandango’s word choices (FOWC)” for the Saturday and #tankatuesday and Fandago’s daily words (FOWC) for mid-week. *For this i may write a version according to their rules, then break a few rules and pick a random poetry form in the British/ European form*

Monthly, I will also be doing #Ronovan Writes challenge and trying to correct the rules broken in the other challenges, sticking entirely to a syllable count – Haiku, Senryu and Tanka (plus an additional style) for each two words of the week (Potential 4 verses for each week of the month and in each poetry form).

Syllable counter:


Poetry Challenges:

  • Fandango (FOWC)
  • SammiScribbles weekend challenge
  • Tankatuesday
  • Ronovan writes

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Illustrations/ Random Artwork

All my artwork is just a hobby, this maybe an image I want to create to add to the blog page or one I just have felt like drawing. The photographs used will be on a separate page.

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